A trip to Ghandruk

June 5, 2014 | Siddiq Ansari | 0 comments

Luckily it was a clear morning when I along with my other four friends (Ravi, Sumit, Ananda and Dipen ) started to move to our destined stop- GHANDRUK. No one of us had visited to Ghandruk so it was exciting for all of us to reach to Ghandruk and have a face to face with beautiful and wonderful natural sceneries of northern Pokhara. 

Talking about Ghandruk, it is a village situated at the top of hill, moreover its village of Gurung families. Someone may think that Ghandruk may be some old type village of hills. It's not like that. Here you can find standard hotels, locals also arrange home-stay, village is well faciliated by communication service, electricity and water supply. Ghandruk



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