Convert Star (********) Password to Text Password

February 10, 2024 | Admin | 0 comments

We know that whenever we type a password in any login form throughout the websites, we press character keys but what we see on the form’s field is just ‘*’ or a big dot. Those websites which we frequently access through login, most of us use the ‘save password’ feature of the browser. So when we access that particular website for the next time, the saved password appears automatically. Then when we frequently go on using the saved password, sometimes we forget the saved password and worry to have it back. If you have faced such a situation, here is the solution.

Every web browsers have option to view the passwords but it is sort of hidden so you may not


Interface SD Card with PIC Microcontroller

October 26, 2014 | Anonymous | 0 comments

SD memory cards, especially the ones under 1GB are cheap, relatively easy to interface and provide vast amounts of memory for imbedded control.

This device lets you 'talk' to sd cards through your serial port. Communication is in ASCII so you just need a terminal program to access it. (Note: the photos shown are of the rev-1 device with various changes, documentation is for the rev-2).


SD sockets are available from SparkFun Electronics. The socket needs to be surface mounted so it was placed on the foil side of the single sided board (mouseover image above to see). The connections are close to 0.1 inch centers, so the layout was not difficult.

The PIC16F819 was chosen for its


How to find Point of Interests in nearby location of a GPS coordinate?

August 27, 2014 | Siddiq Ansari | 0 comments

Global Positioning System- GPS is diversely used nowadays. Google Earth or Google Map is making life easier if someone want to view the road to a particular destination or when someone want to find out nearby hotels if he/she has his/her current GPS location coordinates. As a developer while using API of google map, when someone want to find out nearby places or point of interest within certain radius, then there is two ways which can be implemented. Both ways are about using mysql queries but only difference is the execution time.

Let’s start with an example.

If we have find out 10 nearby hotels and sort them by distance; we are provided with: a TABLE having hotel list with hotel name


Control Speed of DC motor by PWM

August 5, 2014 | Siddiq Ansari | 0 comments

How to control the speed of DC motor? This becomes a major problem if someone is doing some robotics projects or where DC motors are used. So, here is a solution provided.

Pulse width modulation (PWM) or duty cycle variation methods are commonly used in speed control of DC motors. The duty cycle is defined as the percentage of digital ‘high’ to digital ‘low’ plus digital ‘high’ pulse-width during a PWM period. Fig. 1 shows the 5V pulses with 0% through 50% duty cycle.

Fig 1: 5V pulses with 0% through 50% duty cycle


The average DC voltage value for 0% duty cycle is zero; with 25% duty cycle the average value is 1.25V (25% of 5V). With 0% duty cycle the average value is 2.5V, and


How to Trace IP Address

August 2, 2014 | Anonymous | 0 comments

If you are keen on locating the IP address of the person sending you messages that are keeping you troubled, here’s how you can track them down. Follow the following ways and catch them red handed.

How to Trace IP Address in Gmail   If it’s a person in Gmail whom you wish to track down, then you probably will find this task easy and enjoying. All you need to do is log in to your account and open the message you wish to investigate. Reach to the place where date and time of the message are displayed. You will find an arrow on the right of the “reply” button. Click on the arrow and select “show original” from the dropdown menu. A


Learn to create Paypal Account

August 1, 2014 | Anonymous | 0 comments

Paypal is most widely used payment gateway for online transaction either for online shopping or for transfer of payment for a freelancer from his/her clients from abroad. So for a newbei its really hard that how to create a paypal account. Here is simplified the job of creating paypal account. You will learn it easily.

PayPal is an e-commerce business that allows the user to make payments on the internet without releasing any of the personal financial information to the outside source. Joining PayPal and opening an account will help you shop and pay online and also allow you to send and receive money within no time. It is very simple to get used to this method of money transaction and


Security Issues for Internet of Things Developer

August 1, 2014 | Terri Blake | 0 comments

Major security breaches make big headlines, and systems security is becoming increasingly important every day in the Internet of Things. I’m pleased to welcome Jeff Marek, Director of Engineering, Application-Ready Platforms at Intel, who has spent the better part of the last 20 years creating business and technology solutions that work in the real world—check out Jeff’s informative and realistic post below and let me know what you think. ~ Terri Blake

Alongside the technical marvels and business innovation made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT), significant investments are being made that show just how valuable the IoT marketplace can be. Earlier this year, Google bought Nest for a whopping $3.2 billion; and given that enormous investment, it’s clear that the “home”


Database based Nepali Date Converter

Convert Nepali date (B.S.) to English Date (A.D.) or Vice-Versa

Nepali Date
Gregorian Date

From 1900-01-01 A.D. to 2020-12-30 A.D.

From 1956/09/19 B.S. to 2077/09/15 B.S.


Download Nepali Date Converter

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